Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ginny Gaura

Nelson Mandela Words And Wisdom - Vertical 


I felt inspired to create this right after Nelson Mandela died as a tribute his memory. It took a while to make because I took time to choose quotes that were universal in nature and I wanted to emphasize key phrases to inspire and uplift the viewer. The entire process of this design's creation was very uplifting and a great peace resided in me as I made it. I am honored that I can play a small part in commemorating the legacy of Nelson Mandela. A great soul sadly departed but his words and wisdom live on to inspire us all. May we continue to make this world a better place for all beings. Namaste.

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Nelson Mandela Words And Wisdom - Vertical

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Internationally collected, the art of Ginny Gaura uplifts the human spirit. Her main career objective is to combine creative abilities to produce works that enrich life, inspire others, stimulate imagination, inner reflection, and conscious thought; the means of which is to promote peace and healing.

A poet, painter, photographer and graphic designer, she creates in all media, often incorporating her paintings into design projects. She has a wide variety of artistic styles because she enjoys working with diverse elements, experimenting often. Color and movement through varying lines and shapes are important aspects of design to her. As a regular meditation practitioner, Ginny is inspired by shifting consciousness which gives rise to patterns, shapes and ideas, forever changing into something different.

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