Monday, 13 January 2014

by Peter Terrin

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Large canvas art is Peter's specialty when it comes to express his inspiration and passionate work. Each brush of viscose paint bring the beauty of each individual portrait and reflects the uniqueness of his style. TerrinArt offers a unique selection of Peter's original work and art prints for sale so you can enjoy the beauty of his art.

My large canvas art is focused on people and their emotions. I’m inspired by faces I see while traveling, images of people in magazines and on the internet. Occasionally I’m moved by political issues, or people who are heroic in my view. I have no complex stories, no mystical illustrations of dreams, no childhood traumas – for me it’s mainly about how I get my paint on the canvas. The journey towards the final result is always a magical trip of exploration and discovery – complete ecstasy – no matter the result.

Painting is my mistress, my wife, my oxygen, my enemy, my friend – a complete addiction.

Prices displayed are for the Giclee print and include shipping within North America & Europe. Originals and prints are shipped rolled in secure art tubes. Please contact us for a quote for Gallery wrapped options if in Canada or USA.

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Peter Terrin was born in Roeselare Belgium on March 13, 1974.
He discovered his passion for drawing at an early age when his father, a history and language teacher, began incorporating his illustrations of ancient figures into classroom lesson.

After graduating from Providenciaal Technisch Instituut Kortrijk as a Textile Designer, Peter embarked on a journey of self discovery. He has travelled extensively for the past fourteen years, living and working in Ibiza, Austria, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. His most cherished possessions are the memories he collected along the way – a secluded cliff in Ibiza, his wooden hut on the beach in the Dominican Republic, fishing in the Orinoco River and speaking with children in Los Roques, Venezuela.

As Peter Terrin fondly says, “Travelling all these years has left me with very little possessions but with lots of rich stories. I have met amazing people and learned many languages. It has become the fabric of who I am.”

Peter Terrin lives in Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico, where his studio and Gallery is open to the public. In this tranquil environment, over looking the dolphins, he is able to share his unique view of the world through paint, canvas and pallet knives.


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