Thursday, 9 January 2014

by Phoenix Jackson

Black Rushmore


Here is a depiction of Mt. Rushmore in a different style, with a quote that Barack Obama stated on election day for all of America. "I promise as a people, we'll get there." Own this one of a kind depiction of "Black Rushmore."

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Black Rushmore Grayscale


The grayscale/ black & white version of Black Rushmore. A beautiful and original work of graphic design and digital art. These four men plus more have laid a great foundation in their own way for many behind them.

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In my short 28 years of life I have experienced much on the high end - meeting, speaking, and working with many influential people, being in board rooms helping to determine the fate of my generation, experiencing a beautiful level of healing from my childhood and becoming the youngest and few Black professors at the University of Denver, while also maintaining a small business, being the Executive Director of the Dance to Live Health Initiative (, and most of all being a mother to my now 6 year old son Ausar.

Also the owner of Phitnus - dance and fitness, and emotional wellbeing series...

In my experiences I have learned how transient this journey really is, how beautiful the ancestors line up situations to fulfill a higher purpose, and how compassion above all else is the key to becoming whole in oneself.

There is much that I am involved with in various pockets throughout Colorado and beyond. My health program has been featured on a few press outlets and has expanded to Los Angeles. I teach free dance and mental/emotional health classes to the community, while perfecting my message of delivery through my university curriculum and my book Compassion to Clarity…and Back Again. I have two mental health certifications and a seeking a Doctorate of Public Health starting fall of 2014.

I have a business degree, I have worked for myself for 8 years in the marketing field ( I spend a great deal of time coaching and counseling other women ages 20-55, I have much public speaking and journalistic skills, but most of all I am a spiritivational speaker. Any and everything I do is with the intention of bringing a level of enlightenment to my generation –whom are suffering a great deal during this time.

Thank you and may your journey unfold and your story be told!


Denver, CO - United States

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